Exciting New Adventure

Hi All, I am excited to let you know I am going to Cuba again to photograph. This time to Havana and Trinidad. Lots of new photos to come, starting Feb. 10th.


Published by kennethgreene

Kenneth Greene has spent the past 35 years doing photographic studies in contrasts, lines, colors and glimpses of life in a moment of time. When Kenneth photographs people, he captures a feeling for that one moment that really matters in their lives. He may not know what happened just prior to the photo, and he almost certainly won’t know what their lives will be like after that instant he memorializes. He captures that moment in time alone, but it somehow tells their entire life story in a second. “I’m looking for the instant the tide recedes and washes over the rocks; the moment a diver propels herself upwards and her feet leave the diving board; or when a couple embraces…just before the waves crash down upon them. These are the moments in life when you hold your breath, wondering what comes next.” The former child protective services professional recently retired from San Diego County after working for almost two decades with victims and families of child abuse and violence. “Now it is time to pursue my passion full time for art and design. The act of creating nurtures my soul. I love taking photographs and I love to draw and paint.” Kenneth’s whimsical drawings appear in a line of coloring books and note cards entitled, Pictures From My Mind. Geared to young children, teenagers, and adults, these images can be colored, will spark new ideas with readers, or can just be enjoyed as they are. His newest collection is called "Havana @ 1/500th of a second". It is a memorable experience of the people and countryside of Cuba, portraying a land stuck in time with a nation yearning to leap into the 21st century.

2 thoughts on “Exciting New Adventure

  1. Hi Kenneth, I got wait to see more photos from you! You take such awesome shots! I wanted to let you know my mom is going to Cuba in May with an artist group, Lois Ostrov.


    1. Hi Lois, do you know where in Cuba she will be going. Jose Fuster’s home and studio is an amazing place to visit. It’s a mosaic wonderland. Amazing!!! Not far from Havana Vieja…


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